A diverse, dynamic congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

Hoodland Lutheran has gone on-line. We choose to use the phrase "on-line worship" rather than "virtual worship". There is nothing missing when our very real God is present. We commune to be reminded of God's willingness to sacrifice of His son, and Jesus' acceptance to die for us. We believe Christ is present in every thing, clear down to the spaces between the atoms.

On-line is the vehicle we use for worship. The Bible is the inspired Word of God we read for understanding. 

So ZOOM in and worship with us every other Sunday at 10:30 am. See the schedules and live links on this page for: Worship, Wednesday Coffee Chats, Council Meetings, and soon Bible Study, Hoodland Writer's Workshop, and more.

If there was something in worship that touched your heart, please share it. If you have a suggestion, a concern, a compliment or just want to visit, let us know through the message board below. Our ears are open.

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JUNE 14 - 10:30 am on Zoom


       Guest Preacher: Pastor Steve Hilde 

       Little Sauk Lutheran - Osakis, MN

       Presiding: Pastor Steve Carlson

JUNE 28 - Matthew 10:40-42