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59151 East Highway 26 Sandy Oregon 97055 (directions)

A Mission of: Hoodland Lutheran Church, Sponsored by: Oregon Food Bank, the Community on the Mountain, and others


Neighborhood Missions is a community outreach program responding to Family Needs by providing emergency food and financial assistance for heating supplies, medicine, utility payments, gasoline vouchers, transportation, and bus passes to people in temporary need.


Over its 20 year existence, it has blossomed  and outgrown its humble beginnings as only a mission of Hoodland Lutheran Church. Its board of directors has become a diverse group of community members from all areas of life.  Neighborhood Missions covers an area roughly from Alder Creek to Government Camp. The food pantry, lovingly known as the bunkhouse, is stocked with donated food and that purchased through our partner the Oregon Food Bank.


In 2019, Neighborhood Missions delivered hundreds of pounds of food, gave several hundreds of dollars for gas, rent, and utilities assistance. Neighborhood Missions is more than just food. They look at the needs of  the whole person.


All people are encouraged to vist the FREE FOOD MARKET on the LAST MONDAY of each month.  The market is available from 9am - 10am in the Hoodland Lutheran Church parking lot. [across from the ski camp] Volunteer by calling 503-622-9213 or email with the link below.

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